BMW 7-series, Restaurant Bill Folder

Android Tablet Application for BMW 7-series Lead Generation Sales


My role

  • Technical Lead
  • User Journey
  • User Flow
  • UI/UX design
  • Prototypes
  • Quality Control


Android (Tablet)


BMW was launching the much anticipated 7-series, targeted at wealhty businessmen. BMW needed to create awareness amongst these high-powered executives, driving them to showroom and convert to puchase.


These busy male executive are time poor and likely to miss the traditional advertising touch points.

As they are not easy to reach though traditional methods like print, television, digital, OOH. We had to immerse ourselves into their world where they would be more receptive to receive and communicate with BMW

Creative Strategy

Our Strategy was to communicate with our niche audience in premium restaurants, when they are relaxed and willing to interact with our communication

We partnered with Asia's leading magazine, Exquisite. Exquisite focuses on luxury travel and fine dining. They have a strong relationship with top culinary restaurant and host their own premium restaurant award.

Design Process

For this simple project, that don't need to create much feature for the application and our goal is very clear to create a lead generation for sales, we will use these 4 steps:

1. User Journey
2. User Flow and testing the flow
3. Wireframe
4. UI Design and Prototype

1. User Journey

Below is a scenario that should occur in the field and this is what we want to happen. We can trim this scenario faster but for now let's stick to this.

We have 3 parties involved to reach our goal :
1. Customer
2. Waiter
3. Sales BMW


2. User Flow

We will do a simple A/B Testing internally our two initial flow, 10 people will be enough and we will take feedback after that. Our goal is for customer to fill out test drive form.


2.1 Test Result

Flow Option 1: 9/10. (90% rate conversion)
Flow Option 2: 2/10 (20% rate conversion)

Flow Option 1’s observed conversion rate (90%) was 350% higher than Flow Option 2’s conversion rate (20%). There is a 100% chance that Flow Option 1 has a higher conversion rate. You can be confident that this result is a consequence of the changes you made and not a result of random chance.

Yes we know 10 samples are not enough for validation, but we can start from there knowing that show form before content can make user scare and drop off immediately.

2.2 Pros and Cons

Flow Option 1:
Pros: User can see the content before signup or fill the form
Cons: Took to much step to reach the goal (fill out test drive form)

Flow Option 2:
Pros: Took for the very first step to reach the goal
Cons: User hesitate to signup before knowing what inside

2.3 Conclusion

We will use Flow Option 1.


3. Wireframe

I always start with sketching out on paper and taking notes, that way I can easily see if what’s in my mind makes sense at all without taking up too much time to wireframe it just to realize what I envisioned won’t work. After that we jumping wireframing on Sketch.


4. Design

When the bill folder arrived at the table, it would automatically play the welcome video inviting the customer to browse the features of the new car.

On the right hand side was a contact details section that invites them to participate in a test drive. By inserting their contact details a BMW representative could contact them at their convenience to arrange a test drive

This would incorporate them into BMW's customer base and provide that much required personal touch desired by premium consumers.

Recipes Recipes

The Results

Unit sales from this campaign accounted for 25% of total sales.

Sales conversion rose from 32% in previous launch to 58% in 2016..

Average Cost
The average cost per qualified lead improve at IDR 116,000 compared to previous IDR 200,000an a 58% decrease in spending per lead for BMW.

Citra Pariwara 2016 - Silver
Best Use of Ambient Media - Small Scale

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