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My role

  • User Flow
  • UX/UI design
  • Prototypes


  • iOS
  • Android


Bounce Fitness ask me to create a community application to helping people find activities they want to join. It can be around them or wordlwide. This application will curate all sport event, activities all around the internet and show to the user with nice interface.

Who are we designing for?

Since we will curate activities / sport events all around the world, we will target sport enthusiast and people who like outdoor activities.

What are the features & use cases?

The main feature for this application is to help user to find activities around them, they can search and filter to find what best for them. After that we will show all the detail for that event and to find out more user can click their website to join or registration for the event.


Login and Registration

Onboarding Process


Browse category, see listing, filter based on location and date.

Event detail page, Event website, and Favourite Page.

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