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My name is Ihsan Rama – a Digital Product Designer for Startup, Digital Agencies, and Small Business.

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BMW 7-series, Restaurant Bill Folder

BMW was launching the much anticipated 7-series, targeted at wealhty businessmen. BMW needed to create awareness amongst these high-powered executives, driving them to showroom and convert to puchase.

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Lose weight & get fit at home. We save you time and money by bringing the workout to you, with convenient, customized and creative workouts tailored for you.

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Bounce Fitness create active application. They trying to help people connect with million of activities.

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Gillette want to create indoor store application to get engagement with their customer in the mall with gamification application.

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I can help you with

  • User interface and experience design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Project Management
  • Digital Development Manager
  • Digital Development Strategist
  • Digital Creative Technologist

I used to work in Multinational Digital Agencies in Jakarta as a Creative Technologist or Project/Technical Director, currently I work as remote freelancer UX/UI Designer for a range of startups, in a variety of industries.

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